Helping Kids Who Get Images Stuck in Their Head

People think OCD is about germs or neatness, but many don’t realize that OCD can cause images to get “stuck” in a child’s head.

This isn’t about seeing something upsetting and worrying about it. This is about a particular image, scene or character literally “stuck” in their head.

OCD can cause images to get stuck in a child’s mind. This can cause lots of distress and angst. In this kids youtube video I talk to kids about how to handle this struggle.

Kids who struggle with this type of OCD issue feel tormented by this image and spend lots of energy and time trying to not think about it.

Unfortunately what we resist will persist.

In this week’s Ask the Child Therapist Kid/Teen Youtube video, I talk to kids about how to handle it when images get stuck in their head. It is often the opposite of what most kids think.

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