How to Help Your Sensitive Child Cope When People are Angry

Are you upset? Are you mad? Are you mad at me? These are the questions that many anxious kids desperately ask when people around them aren’t happy. There is good reason for it, sensitive children feel people’s emotions. I mean really feel them. So how do you help your sensitive child?

Want to know how to help Your sensitive child cope when people are angry? In this kids Youtube video I talk about this issue with kids.

For starters we want to teach a highly sensitive child that they are not responsible for other people’s happiness. This is a good concept to teach them, before they get into romantic relationships as adults!

Second, we want to help them understand their emotional sensitivity and teach them to protect themselves from soaking up other people’s negative feelings.

Where to start?

To get the conversation rolling, I have made a kids youtube video to talk to kids directly on this topic.


To watch click here:

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