How to Help a Child with Lockdown Drills
The kids are huddled in the corner of the room. It is dark. It is quiet. They are told not to talk. They are told to hide behind objects and lock the classroom door. Some kids are shaking. Some kids have wide eyes. This is not an emergency situation. These are lockdown drills.

Learn how to help a child with lockdown drills and why it is so important to talk about with our kids, even if they suffer from anxiety.

This can be very unnerving for any child, but for anxious children this has the potential to cause ongoing fear and panic.

So what should parents do? Many of us avoid the topic unless our kids bring it up. But with at least 32 states requiring monthly lockdown drills, many of our kids are exposed to these drills over 10 times a school year.

These are important drills (sadly), but how do we minimize the ongoing trauma these drills can evoke?

I brought in just the person to answer these questions. In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast episode, I talk to Nancy Kislin, a psychotherapist and author of Lock Down: Talking to Your Kids About School Violence.

She brought so much insight to this topic and offered some solid, concrete steps anyone can take to help their children.



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