How to Explain the Coronavirus to Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Our kids worry about death. They worry about disease. They worry about germs. And even if they don’t worry about those things now, who’s to say they won’t start? So how are we supposed to explain the Coronavirus to kids with anxiety or OCD?

Struggling with how to explain the Coronavirus to kids with anxiety or OCD? Here is a simple and informative explanation that can reduce panic.


That can be tricky. But if your child is school-aged and doesn’t live in a bubble, they’re going to hear lots of talk about it. In fact, it seems like that is the main topic of conversation around the lunch table and at recess.

In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast episode, I explore how we talk about this topic with kids who have anxiety or OCD. 

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Also, in this week’s Kids Youtube video I am offering you some help with this difficult topic. I talk to kids and teens directly about what the Coronavirus is and how to not let panic set in.

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Do’s and Don’ts on How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus



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