Ask the Child Therapist Episode 96 Kids Edition: Teach Kids How to Deal with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can make a child or teen feel unwanted, ignored and judged. I know this because I was that kid once. Heck, I was that grownup once. It’s not fun and it can completely destroy your outlook on life. So, how do you teach your child how to deal with Social Anxiety?


>Do you have a child with Social Anxiety? In this Youtube video I teach kids how to deal with social anxiety. Let me help them crush their anxiety.


It starts with a shift in perspective.


A shift in how you view yourself. And a shift in how you view others. It sounds easy, but for a socially anxious person it can be real tough.


Let me talk to your kids directly and help them fight their social anxiety. Watch my Kids Youtube video below or subscribe and watch it later:


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