PSP 084: How Mindfulness Can Help with Anxiety and OCD

When you have anxiety or OCD – one of the biggest struggles is battling your thoughts. Constant thoughts. Nagging thoughts. Crippling, scary, overwhelming thoughts. They never stop. Teaching kids how to use mindfulness to cope with this relentless barrage of worries can be incredibly helpful. Mindfulness can help with anxiety and OCD in many ways.

There are many ways to help kids with anxiety & OCD – and one powerful way is through mindfulness. I’ll tell you how mindfulness can help with anxiety & OCD

I’ve invited Jodi Aman, a psychotherapist, author and Youtuber to come on the show and have a chat with me about how to use Mindfulness with our kids.

She offered some wonderful insight and tips on how to introduce the idea and how to use Mindfulness to help anxiety and OCD thoughts become less powerful.


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