Helping Kids Who Insist on Being Homeschooled due to Anxiety

There is one thing I consistently hear about in my therapy practice. Homeschooling. Not in a warm fuzzy way. But in a desperate, this needs to happen sort of way. It is very common for many kids to demand to be homeschooled due to anxiety.

Does your child beg to be homeschooled due to their anxiety? Do they think their anxiety will just go away if this one simple thing could happen?

Many anxious kids are avoiders. They avoid their fears. They avoid their triggers. And they most definitely want to avoid school.

For a big bulk of these kids, school isn’t their issue. It is yet just another trigger in a long list of triggers.

When we get school out of the way, the next trigger is more than happy to take it’s place.

Sadly, for many of these kids this insatiable desire to avoid does not get any better after they transition to homeschool.

Many parents don’t know how to reach their children when it comes to this constant battle. For many, homeschooling is not an option.

In this week’s episode I am talking directly to kids whose desire for homeschool is driven based on their need to reduce their anxiety.

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