One would think that the idea of hiking with your three wonderfully appreciative children would be a good idea – foolish people! I guess I forgot that I have three anxious children who have never been hiking. It started out good for the first 30 seconds and then it started to unravel quick, fast and in a hurry….

In Confessions of a child therapist - I write about my sad attempt to go hiking with my three anxious children. Do not try this at home!

(1st Child) Mom are there bears in these woods?

(2nd Child) Mom do the ants we are stepping on bite?

(3rd Child) We are stepping on ants. Everybody watch out for the ants. Can you carry me?

(1st Child) Mom do you see these hoof prints. I think they are bear feet.

(2nd Child) I can’t move – I see too many ants!

(husband) There are no ants. Please! Just keep walking!

(1st Child) Do you know where you are going?

(3rd Child) Are we lost?

(2nd Child) When will this be over? Do you know the way back?

(1st Child) Yup, this is definitely bear poop! We need to watch out!

(2nd Child) I don’t want to walk anymore. My legs hurt.

(Me) Seriously? We’ve been walking for 10 minutes.

(2nd Child) I am ready to go back!

(1st Child) Me too!

(3rd Child) Me too!

A month later I asked my husband if he wanted to take the kids on another hike. I am blessed with memory loss and rarely remember last week! His response, “Are you kidding me?! Were you not there at our last hike.” I guess his memory is better than mine!


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