What to Do When Therapy isn’t Enough for a Child with Anxiety or OCD 

Your child needs help, but therapy isn’t cutting it. Maybe it’s because she refuses to go or perhaps it’s because her issues are just too intense for outpatient therapy.

What’s a parent supposed to do when the help isn’t helping?

What should parents do when therapy isn't enough to help their child with anxiety or OCD. In this episode, we explore higher levels of care for kids.

Outpatient therapy is where the road starts, but not where it ends. Many parents don’t realize that. In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast I invited Sami, a member of my AT Parenting Community to discuss her journey trying to help her daughter with OCD. She discussed the process of getting her into a PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) and her experience once she was in.

Sami is also a Life Coach for teen girls. She offers programs to support teens, including a few that help anxious teens. To learn more about her programs visit her website at Knowingup.com

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