Graphic Novel for Teens with OCD | Interview with Jason Adam Katzenstein

Jason Adam Katzenstein gets it. He gets the struggle of what it feels like to have OCD and he gets the fear that comes along with trying to crush it.

Finally there is a relatable teen graphic novel to help teens with OCD! I had the pleasure of interviewing Jason Adam Katzenstein about it.


Luckily for the OCD community, Jason is a popular and gifted cartoonist who decided to take his personal and vulnerable story and turn it into a graphic novel for the rest of the world to see.

Through images and words, he is able to encapsulate the struggles of OCD and the feeling of triumph when you start to push back.

I had the pleasure of talking with Jason about his life, his book and his view of OCD. To check out his book, Everything is an Emergency, click here.


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