PSP 083 : How Pets Can Help Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Finding things that help kids with anxiety or OCD can be a challenge. Kids don’t always like to use the tools they are given and sometimes it can feel like nothing is helping.

There are many ways to help kids with anxiety & OCD – and one powerful way is through out pets. I’ll tell you why and how.

One unexpected thing I have found to work incredibly well are…pets! Furry ones, wet ones, ones that tweet and ones that bark. Any and all pets can help kids with anxiety or OCD.

But it isn’t as simple as running to your local pet rescue and getting a new furry friend. There are things to consider and understand before you take on the commitment of a pet.

If you have pets already – you might not be utilizing them to their fullest ability with your anxious child.


Let me walk you through:


-Why pets are awesome
-What you should be aware of before you get one
-How to use your current pets to help your anxious child


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