Do You Want to Help a Child with Anxiety? First You Have to Learn How to Talk About it.

Your child is refusing to get out of the car. “What’s wrong!” You ask, growing more impatient. “I don’t want to go.” Your child pouts. “But why?” You beg, glancing at the time and wondering what excuse you’ll tell your boss this time. “I just don’t want to!” She screams at you. You’ve done this dance many times before. You wonder, how are you supposed to help a child with anxiety when they won’t even talk about it?

Your child sits and pouts and refuses to get out of the car. How can you help a child with anxiety when they won't even talk about it? Let me show you how.

You can’t. If you haven’t developed an easy way to talk about anxiety, good luck trying to fix it. But have no fear, learning how to talk to a child about anxiety is pretty simple. And once you do that, you will be tons more successful when you are arming up to help a child with anxiety.


Let me show you how. Hit play below.

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Nobody gives parents a handbook when they pop out a kid. Even if they did, it probably wouldn't have a chapter on anxiety in children. That's why so many of us with anxious kids feel like we are sailing in a very lonely boat. A boat that no one really taught us how to sail.

Do you want to help a child with anxiety? Life offers them two doors. Behind door #1 is fear, avoidance and misery. Behind door #2 is fear, bravery and determination. What door does your anxious child pick? What door do you pick for them?

It sucks watching kids struggle with anxiety. Parents try all sorts of things to give their kids anxiety relief, but they are often missing this key step.


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