We all aspire to raise healthy kids, but with our fast pace life styles, sometimes this can be tricky! I have invited Kara Masterson to share with us the 5 areas we should focus on!

Being a parent can be chaotic. But - if you are doing these 5 things, you are well on your way to raising healthy kids!

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If you ask any parents what they want most for their children, it is that they be safe, healthy, and well-rounded individuals. As parents, we have to be good examples to our children as far as exercise and nutrition are concerned. It is a lot easier to encourage your kids to have a safe and healthy lifestyle when you do too.

Here are five easy ways to be part of your children’s healthy habits and raise healthy kids:


Proper Nutrition

Healthy kids need a diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, protein, and good fats. Their immunity will stay high with proper nutrition. One suggestion is to keep bright colors in mind for the right kinds of whole foods, especially orange and yellow produce. They have a lot of antioxidants that are vital to a growing child.

Make meals that incorporate sweet potatoes, carrots, and dark green leafy vegetables. Colorful citrus fruits can also give your children some fiber and a great boost of vitamins A and C.

Ensure they have low-fat dairy products that are filled with calcium for growing bones. Also, make sure to limit junk food and encourage your children to drink water instead of sugary sodas. By doing things like this you can help keep your children growing strong.


Why The Outdoors is Great

It is essential that children get good exercise. A lack of exercise can contribute to childhood obesity which can lead to some very serious health issues. The best way to get your little ones outside is if you do it, too. You can make it a fun family event.

Have a family game evening where everyone goes outside and plays your favorite outside games. Maybe you and your children can go on walks or take a ride on a bicycle path. Encourage them to play sports and to be a part of other outside activities. The fresh air, the sunshine, and the exercise will keep them strong and healthy.


Don’t Skimp on the Z’s

Children need structured bedtime for optimal health and energy. It is important that they get at least 8-10 hours of sleep every night. When kids have a set time to go to bed, it gets their bodies used to schedules and they sleep better.

Lack of sleep can cause irritability and daytime grogginess. It can also make them more susceptible to illness since their body is not having enough time to re-energize their immune systems.

Teenagers are notorious for prowling all night and being a drowsy mess during the day. If you think your child is not getting enough sleep, talk to your pediatrician.


Kids Have Stress Too

Just because your children do not go to work every day and worry about the bills does not mean their lives are stress-free. Learning new things in school can often be times of stress for your children. It is not uncommon to see young people suffering from depression and anxiety due to stress. School bullying can also cause a lot of stress.

While you cannot make your children’s life perfect, you can look for signs of stress and anxiety. Tell them that you are always available to listen to their concerns without being judgmental. If you suspect classroom bullying, go to the school and get it stopped. Children are happier and healthier when they do not have a lot of unnecessary stress.



The Doctor Is In

Ensure that your children are up-to-date on all of their immunizations. They should also see their pediatrician at least once a year for a well-child examination. They should visit their dentist and optometrist on a regular basis for healthy teeth and eyes.

Keep a file at home with all of your children’s medical history, allergies, and immunization schedules. You never know when you may need it in a case of an emergency such as a traumatic brain injury. Injuries like that can be very serious and should be looked at instantly.

It is a great blessing to have healthy children. We all want our kids to be in good health and to be free of accidents. Health and safety are never guaranteed; however, parents can do what they can for their children’s well-being.

Do you have tips on how keep to raise healthy kids? Share and let other parents know!

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imageKara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara recommends seeking brain injury assistance in Seattle if you or your child ever experience a serious injury or accident.


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