Helping Kids with Harm OCD an Interview with Jon Hershfield

Many parents don’t understand Harm OCD. It goes unnoticed, undetected and misinterpreted.

This OCD theme makes kids worry they might hurt someone else. They might get them sick. They might accidentally harm them. They might do something to cause a catastrophe.

Interview with Jon Hershfield on Helping Kids with Harm OCDYou might have a child who is afraid to touch their nose or their private parts in fear they will contaminate someone else.

You might see them washing their hands over and and over and assume that they are afraid of getting sick – when in reality they are afraid of getting other people sick.

Many kids with Moral OCD often have themes of Harm OCD.

Today I am talking to Jon Hershfield, the Director of The OCD & Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore and the author of the newly released book Overcoming Harm OCD. He is also the author of When a Family Member has OCD and Everyday Mindfulness for OCD

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