PSP 085 : How to Handle Difficult Behaviors in Kids with Anxiety or OCD

Your child is refusing to move. Your child is thrashing about. Your child has been screaming for over an hour. Welcome to the world of kids with anxiety or OCD. A world where kids have a hard time coping, self-regulating and “rolling with the punches.” This is my world and I know that for many of you – it is your world too. A world that leaves you wondering how to handle difficult behaviors that pop up all the time.

If you have a child with anxiety or OCD – you probably also have a child with difficult behavior. Learn how to handle difficult behaviors effectively.

One of my favorite people to talk to about behavior is Dayna over at Lemon Lime adventures. Her upbeat, empowering perspective often gives me new insight into how to approach my own kids.

This past week I have enjoyed diving into her Calm the Chaos Workshop and have implemented so many of the a-ha moments into my family.


When trying to handle difficult behaviors, I have tried to look at my children with new perspective.


Like my son, who often gets angry and nasty around what he has to eat. I know he has OCD issues around food, but often I forget to dive under the iceberg and see what is truly going on.


We brought the “wrong” food home and he threw a fit. He was escalating and it was going downhill. Instead of feeling angry and annoyed that he wasn’t grateful for the food we brought – I make an effort to look under the iceberg to see what was there.


It led to a productive conversation about change and flexibility. A conversation, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t been actively trying to incorporate the skills Dayna was teaching.


I invited Dayna on to the show to talk to us about her thoughts around difficult behavior. She has some wisdom to share!


I also talk to her about her Calm the Chaos Program that only opens up once a year. It is open this week! She talks about what the program consists of and how she walks families through a step-by-step plan that leads to major changes in their child’s behavior and improves the overall feeling in the home.


I also know that for the families I work with the struggle beneath the behavior is anxiety or OCD. That is why I am offering one free online class of my own to go with her program.


Isn’t that crazy!


I want you to succeed, so if you enroll in her program – just send an email to info @ and send me your receipt from the program and tell me if you want to be enrolled in my online class How to Teach Kids to Crush Anxiety, How to Crush Social Anxiety or How to Parent Kids with OCD. Each class usually costs $127 – but when you join Dayna’s program, you will be able to join one of those classes for FREE. You can learn more about this BONUS here.


To learn more about the Calm the Chaos Program click here. To hear my interview with Dayna play below or hit subscribe to listen to it later. If you prefer to watch the interview you can see the YouTube version below as well:



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