Helping Kids Realize that Avoidance Grows Anxiety & OCD

One of anxiety and OCD’s favorite behaviors is avoidance. Avoidance grows these struggles quicker than any other behavior. Anxiety will whisper, “just don’t go.” OCD will plead, “just don’t touch it.”

Anxiety and OCD love avoidance. In this kids youtube video I talk about how avoidance grows these issues and what to do instead.

The more our kids avoid (and the more we help them avoid), the bigger these issues grow.

In this week’s kids YouTube video, I talk to kids and teens about how anxiety and OCD use avoidance to secretly grow and what they can do to stop it.

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Learn How to Help Your Kids with Anxiety or OCD Step-by-Step

Helping a child with anxiety or OCD can be very counterintuitive. You can throw your typical parenting book out the window. Parents who learn these skills can catapult their child’s progress.

In my classes on anxiety and OCD, I teach parents step-by-step exactly how to create an environment where their child can learn and use skills to crush their anxiety or OCD.

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