Preparing Anxious Kids for the First Day of Kindergarten 

It seems like just yesterday you were wiping her bottom and picking up Cheerios off the floor. And now you are scrolling down the grocery aisle, trying to find an 8 pack of washable markers. When did this happen? How did she grow up so fast? It seems like just yesterday  she was refusing to go poop in the potty, her anxious little body rigid. Heck, it was literally yesterday when she was too scared to sleep on her own, begged you to let her sleep in your bed. Is she ready for the stream of kids and chaos school will bring? She could barely handle it when the store ran out of her favorite brand of mac and cheese. Is there anything you should be doing to prepare her for the first day of kindergarten?

The first day of kindergarten can be scary to kids (and parents). There are some ways to prepare kids for their first day of school. Here are a few.

The transition from pre-school to kindergarten can seem daunting! It is a huge transition for both of you. It is for everybody. But being an anxious child, doesn’t really help. Although nothing can completely prepare your child for their first day of kindergarten, there are some things you can do to make it go smoother. Here are a few.

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