Helping Kids When OCD Makes them Fearful of Lying

OCD likes to bother kids about many things. It likes to tell them they might do something they would never do. It makes them question what they say and how they say it. 

OCD can make kids fearful of lying. In this video I teach kids what to do when OCD makes them doubt if they are telling the truth.

Often with Moral OCD, kids will become fearful of lying. They might worry that they will lie, that they did lie or that they might lie. 

Compulsions around this can include using phrases that “soften” statements just in case it might be a lie.

So sentences like, I want pizza become I think I want pizza. Or answers to questions like, How was your day? become Good, I think instead of just good.

Kids can also start avoiding making decisions just in case they are lying about what they truly want. They might have others make their decisions or they may ask others, what do you think? To avoid making the decision themselves.

In this week’s Youtube video, I talk to kids and teens about what to do when OCD makes them fearful of lying.

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