When Anxiety Makes You Feel Sick: How to Deal with Nausea and the Fear of Throwing Up

It might seem like your child is nauseous every waking moment. They are getting ready for school – they feel sick. It is time for bed – they feel sick. You might have dragged them to every stomach specialist in town, only to hear those dreaded words, “I think you should take her to a therapist.” Relax, your child isn’t making it up. They aren’t trying to manipulate you either. Yes, they are doubled over in pain before school. And yes, they seem to be completely fine after you let them stay home. But…anxiety can look that way. The fear of throwing up and the nausea that goes with it is very real. It is just caused by anxiety, not some stomach bug.

Anxiety can make kids feel nauseous. It can also make them have a fear of throwing up. This week in my YouTube video I am helping kids whose anxiety makes them feel sick and those who struggle with Emetophobia.

If you have ruled out medical issues and you are dealing with a child who is terrified of throwing up – and feels sick all the time, welcome to the world of anxiety.


In this week’s episode of Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition, I am talking to kids about when their anxiety makes them feel nauseous. I am also talking to kids whose anxiety has taken it one step further and has made them feel sick over the fear of feeling sick. Yes, that is a very real condition called Emetophobia.

I talk about why anxiety does this to us and how to beat anxiety at its own cruel game!

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Resources and Sites to Help Kids with a Fear of Throwing Up (Emetopobia):

Emetophobia Help [great site for Exposure Therapy]

International Emetophobia Society



Books on the Fear of Throwing Up and Emetophobia:


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Are your kids unable to go to school because their stomach hurts? Are they fine on the weekends? Here's how to help.

Child anxiety doesn't just hit your child's mind, it hits their stomach as well.

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