Helping Kids with Their Fear of Needles & Shots

Sure, nobody likes shots. But your child goes ballistic at just the mere mention of shots. Their fear of needles is so intense that it takes a small army to hold them down and get the job done. You find yourself just avoiding the whole thing if possible. But even if you decide to avoid shots altogether (which is not the subject of this episode and let’s not make it that), there are still medical mysteries that only our blood can reveal. Our blood that is trapped behind layers of skin. Skin that has to be poked to figure those mysteries out.

Some kids have an intense fear of needles and shots. Learn how to help kids through this phobia one small step at a time.

So how do you help kids who have a fear of needles? Here is where to start…


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Other Products that Can Help Anxious Kids with Shots and Needles:


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Books to Help Kids Who are Scared of Shots: