Helping Kids Who Have a Fear of Germs

Your child is paralyzed. She stares at the bathroom door unable to go through. She grabs the door handle with her shirt, fumbling to get it open. You’ve watched her wash her hands until they are raw. It seems like most questions that come out of her mouth are about germs. What is going on with her? This new fear of germs is taking over her life. How can you help?

When a child has a fear of germs it can dominate their life. There are some things you can do to help. Let me tell you a few…

Having a child with worries of germs can be hard to watch. What’s a parent supposed to do? What’s your role in this fight? Should you sympathize or give her a dose of tough love?

There are some steps parents can take to start helping a child who has a fear of germs. 

Let me show you some of them. Click below to watch:
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