Beyond Picky Eating: When Kids have a Fear of Food

Your kid is hungry. They haven’t eaten all day. But when you put food in front of them, they just stare at it. They worry about the taste. They worry about the brand. Is this the same brand as last time? They worry about the temperature, texture, look and origin of the food. By the time they are willing to smell it, you are ready to toss it. Sound familiar? Some kids have a legitimate fear of food.

Your child wants to eat, but they are afraid. Afraid of the taste. Afraid of the texture. Afraid of a belief in their head. Fear of food is a real problem.


These aren’t spoiled kids. These aren’t entitled kids. These aren’t kids that need a good “whooping'” and their refused leftovers served for breakfast. These are kids with a true anxiety. An anxiety centered around food.


This behavior often confuses parents. Let me explain it. It is something we know all too well at my house… [press play below to watch. Don’t have time? Hit subscribe and watch the YouTube video later. Be sure to listen to the podcast version of this topic here].




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