Ask the Child Therapist Episode 101 Kids Edition: Helping Kids with the Fear of Flying

It is the holiday season, which means it is also flying season. That might put some of your anxious kids into a major state of panic. The fear of flying can paralyze some kids and make traveling a major struggle!

Does your child have a fear of flying? Have them watch this Kids Youtube video where I teach kids how to overcome the fear of flying.

Does your child have a fear of flying?


To help your child and make the holidays a bit more enjoyable, I’ve made this Kids Youtube video teaching kids who are scared to fly how to crush it. I hope it helps!


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Article to Help with Traveling with an Anxious Child:

Traveling with children can be a struggle. Traveling with anxious children can be a nightmare. Make your trip a memorable experience for the right reasons! Here are 8 things every parent should plan on doing when traveling with anxious children.