How to Explain Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) to Kids with OCD

Exposure Response Prevention, most commonly referred to as ERP, is without a doubt the most effective treatment approach to combating OCD.

The tricky part…

Getting kids to buy into ERP and see why it is beneficial.

If your child has OCD you will want to help them see the benefit of Exposure Response Prevention. This youtube video can help.

ERP can seem…


The list can go on and on.

The truth is, done right, ERP is none of those things. Okay, maybe a bit bizarre and weird, but definitely not those other horrible things!

So how do you get your kids on board? I made a simple Kids Youtube video to introduce the idea of ERP and explain how it can help.


Maybe that is a good first step in motivating them for treatment?


Click below to watch the video:


I also like the documentary Unstuck: an OCD Kids Movie. I always have the kids I treat watch this short documentary to see that 1) they are not alone and 2) hear other kids talk about their success with ERP.


Books to Help Kids with OCD use ERP:

My Other Resources on ERP:

ERP for OCD and anxiety has been shown to be the most effective therapy approach. So why don’t more parents know what it is and how to do it?

The best treatment for OCD will make your head spin. This counterintuitive approach is the most effective approach to help a child with OCD.