The Important Role of ERP in the Treatment of OCD with Martin Hsia

People will try to treat OCD with many different approaches. Treatment of OCD can include the use of talk therapy, play therapy, biofeedback or EMDR. But the truth of the matter is, OCD will not improve significantly without ERP, Exposure Response Prevention.

Treatment of OCD is not complete with out ERP, Exposure Response Prevention. Learn why that is and how ERP works in children with OCD.

So what is ERP and how does it work? I invited Dr. Martin Hsia, the Clinical Director at The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center of Southern California, to sit down with me to have a chat all about ERP in kids.

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If your child has OCD you will want to help them see the benefit of Exposure Response Prevention. This youtube video can help.

The best treatment for OCD will make your head spin. This counterintuitive approach is the most effective approach to help a child with OCD.


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