Empowering Kids with Anxiety & OCD to Help Themselves. An Interview with GoZen! Creator Renee Jain

It can be so hard to watch your child struggle with anxiety or OCD. Perhaps you have read all the books and taught your child all the skills, but they are still not empowered to work on their issues. Empowering kids with anxiety or OCD can be an uphill battle.


It is hard to motivate kids with anxiety and OCD to help themselves. Learn tips on empowering kids with anxiety & OCD in my interview with Renee Jain.

This can cause parents to be burned out, frustrated and exhausted. Trust me, I get this on such a deep level!


On the AT Parenting Survival Podcast this week, I invited Renee Jain, the creator of GoZen! to have a chat with me about the struggles of parenting kids with anxiety and OCD. We talked about:


  • how to approach your kids in a positive way to talk about anxiety and OCD.
  • What tools and methods are effective at empowering kids with anxiety & OCD.
  • How being human and authentic with your child can encourage your child to open up about their own struggles.


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