What Effective OCD Treatment Looks Like (and Doesn’t Look Like).

Getting OCD treatment from a general therapist who doesn’t specialize in OCD is like going to your primary care physician to get a heart transplant. Proper OCD treatment requires an understanding of evidenced-based treatment approaches, most of which are not taught in graduate school (don’t get me on that soap box).

Not every therapist is an OCD therapist. Learn what effective OCD treatment looks like so you can spot the difference right away.

If you suffer with OCD or are raising a child with OCD, it unfortunately falls to you to educate yourself on what effective OCD treatment should look like – so you can spot the difference right away.

In this week’s Youtube video I breakdown what effective OCD treatment looks like and how to find appropriate help.

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Learn How to Help Your Child Yourself:

If you don’t have access to a child OCD therapist, you can start learning these skills yourself. And even if you do have an OCD therapist, it is crucial parents learn how to handle their child’s OCD at home.

To help with that I have created an online class, How to Help Kids Crush OCD. You can learn more about it here.


How to Crush OCD Class