Don’t feel alone raising a child with anxiety or OCD. Tell me your biggest struggle and I will give you a video tip and resource guide based on your particular needs.

Understanding What Your Child’s Difficult Behaviors Might be Telling You with Dayna Abraham

In my home I have become somewhat of a detective. When my kids are angry, impulsive, hostile or defiant – there is also some pretty big anxiety or OCD hiding underneath. I have learned how to decode my child’s difficult behaviors in order to get to the heart of the matter.

I have learned this the hard way.

I have bumped heads.
Gotten into power struggles.
Stooped to their level.

But I’ve realized time and time again – that approach not only makes me feel bad, it’s simply not effective.

Many of our kids have difficult behaviors. Learn what those behaviors might be trying to communicate and how you can use that knowledge to be more effective with them.

That is why I love what Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures and Calm the Chaos teaches!

In her framework she teaches how to go beyond the outward behaviors. She talks about how to figure out what your child is communicating. And how to connect, even during those ugliest moments.

She runs a free Calm the Chaos Workshop outlining some of the main points from her program. It is going on just this week. To catch it go here. She only does them a few times a year!

I created a Facebook study group to go along with her workshop. Join us here and take part in some our challenges and prizes.

Also, I invited her onto the podcast to have a chat about these behaviors and to offer us some tips on how to shift our mindset and bring calm to our homes. Wouldn’t that be nice!


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