How to Tell When It’s Difficult Behavior or When It’s Anxiety or OCD

Your child is refusing to clean their room, go to bed or go to school. They are digging their heels in and it doesn’t look like they are going to budge. What are you supposed to do?

Sometimes difficult behavior is actually caused by your child’s anxiety or OCD. In this episode we talk about how to tell the difference.

Well if your child has anxiety or OCD, you might want to take an extra step and ask yourself, “Is this behavior caused by their anxiety or OCD?”

Why does this matter? Does it mean you are going to give them a complete pass on both their behavior and the task at hand?

Not exactly. It means you are going to approach it from a different angle. An angle that will help build your child’s skills so they can learn how to manage their anxiety or OCD. 

In this episode of the AT Parenting Survival Podcast, I talk about how to decipher if your child’s behavior is caused by their anxiety or OCD struggles.


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For more in-depth help on how to help your child through difficult behavior related to their struggles take my online course, How to Help Kids with Difficult Behavior Caused by Anxiety or OCD

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