Supporting Dads Raising Anxious Kids with Larry Hagner

No one thinks they are going to be raising anxious kids. We all have our vision of what parenting will be. It usually does not involve a child with panic, fear and dread.

Raising anxious kids can be overwhelming. On the podcast I am talking to Larry Hagner about how to support dads raising kids with anxiety.

It can be hard to pivot and alter your parental course. It can also be a challenge to pivot with a partner. Raising anxious kids is often counterintuitive. Many parents find they are not on the same page. Anxiety is rough on kids, but it can also be rough on marriages.

I invited Larry Hagner from The Dad Edge Podcast to offer a perspective I don’t often talk about. The perspective of dads.


What is it like to be a father raising a child with struggles? How can partners align without pointing fingers and being hurtful?

Larry offers his insightful, humble perspective. He not only teaches us how to become better parents, he teaches us how to become better human beings. I thoroughly enjoyed my talk with him, and I know you will too.

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