PSP 065: Motivating Kids to Crush Anxiety or OCD When They Have No Fight in Them

You’ve identified your child’s issue. They have anxiety. Maybe they have OCD. You’ve soaked up every article, book and podcast on the topic. You painstakingly located a therapist to work with your child. Everything is in place – except your child’s motivation. Why doesn’t your child want to work on their issues? How do you get them motivated to crush anxiety or OCD? 

Are you frustrated that your child is not motivated to crush anxiety or OCD? Listen to this episode to find out why this happens and what to do about it.

Nobody wants to have anxiety or OCD, but sometimes kids are embarrassed, overwhelmed or confused about these struggles. I talk about why that is and what parents can do about it in this week’s episode of The AT Parenting Survival Podcast. Click below to listen to that episode.


But, I also wanted to talk to your kids directly. So this Thursday, in my latest episode of Ask The Child Therapist Kids Edition, I will talk about this topic. If you struggle to motivate your child to crush anxiety or OCD listen to my podcast and have your kids watch this week’s YouTube episode. 

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