Ask the Child Therapist Episode 91: Getting Kids to Use Their Coping Skills for Anxiety

You have read all the anxiety books. You have filled your child up to the brim with coping skills for anxiety. You feel like you have done anything and everything to empower your child to crush their anxiety.

Do you wonder how to get your kid to use coping skills for anxiety? Have them watch this quick Youtube video.

So why do they refuse to use any of their coping skills? Why do they shutdown or worse, lash out when you try to offer them help?

Empowering kids to work on their issues and use their coping skills for anxiety is difficult. 

Many kids want to avoid. They want to hide. They want to turn into a puddle the moment anxiety rears it’s ugly head. 

So what are you supposed to do?

You can’t fight their anxiety for them. It just doesn’t work that way.

So, you have to spin your wheels working on motivation. Because until they are ready to take on this battle, nothing is going to change.

Motivation can be a hard thing. That is why I decided to make a kids Youtube video to talk directly to kids about working on their anxiety.

I hope it empowers some of your kids to start using their coping skills for anxiety.

Click below to watch my YouTube video or subscribe and watch it later.