How to Use Imagery to Cope with Anxiety or OCD

If you have a child with anxiety or OCD they are bombarded daily with horrible, upsetting thoughts. This sea of overwhelming images and ideas can drown kids and pull them into a dark abyss. It can be hard to cope with anxiety or OCD when you are constantly fighting these thoughts.

It can be hard to cope with anxiety or OCD – especially as a child. Learn how to build an important skill to help your anxious child.


Kids will often ask what they can do to get some relief from these thoughts, images and ideas. One of the best weapons I have used in my practice is teaching kids to create a “world.”


Now, before I talk about this approach I do have to say that I think it is important for kids with anxiety to fight their thoughts with what I call “green thoughts.” You can hear all about that here. But – after the fight is over, kids need to refocus their attention. You don’t want to stay on the bully channel forever!


I teach kids to create a world in their mind that they can go back to whenever they need to refocus their attention, try to fall asleep or calm themselves before doing something scary.


You can watch my Youtube video I made for parents on how to help your child build a world in their mind.


This week I made a Kids Youtube video to also teach them directly! You can have your child watch this short video to get ideas on how this can work:

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