Does Your Child Get Stuck Comparing Themselves to Everyone Else?

Do you hear your kids saying things like, “I am not as good as him!” Or “Well, she’s better than me.” So many of us base our success on what others are doing. When we use other people as a yardstick for our success, we’ll inevitably feel like a failure.

This week I am teaching kids how to stop comparing themselves to others, and start celebrating all that they have done. Check out my kids Youtube video!

Why? Because there is always some one better than us. There is also someone worse. That’s just the way life goes.

When we teach our kids to shift their focus from what is going on around them, to what is going on inside of them, they learn how to celebrate all they have accomplished and all they can become.

This week on my Youtube channel I am teaching kids how to shift their attention and celebrate their wins.

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This video is made for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice.


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