What to Do When Your Child’s Therapy isn’t Progressing

“How did it go?” You ask your child after yet another therapy session. “Fine.” Your child flatly replies. It’s been months and it is always the same thing. No reaction after therapy. No behavioral changes at home. Is your child’s therapy working? Are there goals? What is going on in there? 

Do you worry your child’s therapy isn’t working? Learn why that might be and what to do about it!

If some of these questions resonate with you – you might be wondering if your child’s therapy is doing anything at all?! But before you pull the plug on therapy, there are some things you should consider.

There are many reasons why parents feel their kid’s therapy isn’t progressing. In this episode of The AT Parenting Survival Podcast I explore why parents commonly feel therapy isn’t working and what steps to take before calling it quits.

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