Learning How to Find the Core Fear Behind Your Child’s Anxiety or OCD

Your child is refusing to go to school, but you don’t know why. Your child is up all night in a perpetual state of panic, but nothing seems to calm them down. Your child is tapping things and turning the light switch on and off three times, but you have no idea why. Knowing your child has anxiety or OCD is different from knowing what is behind your child’s anxiety or OCD.

Without fully understanding the core fear behind your child’s anxiety or OCD, you’ll never be able to fully help them. Let me teach you how to discover the core fear behind all the behavior.

Many parents can say with certainty, “Yes, my child is afraid to go to school. Yes, my child is afraid to sleep. Yes, my child has rituals they have to do.” But many of us don’t fully understand the core fear behind these behaviors.

Let me explain how to go down the rabbit hole and why it is so important that you do…


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