Breaking Through the Secrecy and Shame of Childhood Anxiety and OCD

No one will get it. They’ll think you are crazy. Your thoughts are ridiculous. You better keep them to yourself.

Childhood Anxiety and OCD love to make kids feel shame and embarrassment around their fears. This is what drives them to keep their issues a secret. This kids Youtube video explores this with kids.

Anxiety and OCD’s most powerful weapon is shame and secrecy. That is why the very first thing I do with kids is normalize their anxiety and OCD. Right after that I let them know anxiety and OCD’s favorite tactic…secrecy.


Once kids learn that this stealth move is how anxiety and OCD stay alive, they are more likely to start opening up.

To help educate your child on the power of secrecy and shame, I have made a kids Youtube video just for them.


Click below to watch the video:


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