Helping a Child with Perfectionism

Do you have a child who always has to be perfect? Do they stress over being the top of their class, getting the most goals and making everything absolutely flawless. Sometimes when a child strives for perfection, they become even less successful. So, how do you help a child with perfectionism? 

Does your child strive for perfection? Learn how to help a child with perfectionism, accept that we are all less than perfect!


It starts with trying to change their perspective on what it means to make a mistake.

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This week on my Kids Youtube channel I talk directly to kids about why aiming to be perfect, is less than perfect.


Other Ariticle to Help Kids Who are Perfectionists:


Are you trying to figure out how to deal with a child who is a perfectionist? Teach your kids to be successful without beating themselves up.

Just right OCD is often mislabeled as perfectionism or Sensory Processing Disorder. So what is just right OCD and how can you help kids who have it? Let’s talk…

Do you have a child with perfectionism? Here are some tips parents can do to help their kids.

Books to Helping Kids Cope with Wanting to Be Pefect:

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