Do You Have a Child with Panic Attacks? Let Me Help Them Survive Them.

Your daughter clutches her chest. She is struggling to breath. She is looking pale. Sweat gathers on her forehead. Her eyes fill with fear. You have seen this look before. In fact you see it multiple times a week. Your daughter isn’t having a medical emergency, she is having a panic attack. Having a child with panic attacks can leave you feeling powerless. How are you supposed to help a child who feels like they are dying?

Do you have a child with panic attacks? Show them this Youtube video to help them learn how to get through them!

I had panic attacks. My own children have had them. I teach kids in my practice how to survive them. Let me help your child with panic attacks too. That’s this week’s topic on Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition.


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Watching your child go through a panic attack can be overwhelming. In this episode we explore ways to help your child through a panic attack.

It is happening again. She can't breathe. She thinks she's dying. She wants to go to the hospital. She's having a panic attack. Don't know how to handle it? Here are some tips to help you both survive.

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