Help Your Child with OCD

The best treatment for OCD will make your head spin. This counterintuitive approach is the most effective approach to help a child with OCD.

A child with OCD sits in my office. I ask if she is ready. She gives me a nervous nod. I place a Clorox wipe in her hand. She begins to breath heavily. Her OCD convinces her she is holding a death wipe. She imagines her hands spreading the contamination throughout her body, the poison flooding her veins.


I am not having a torture session, I am treating a child with OCD.


OCD is like a game of chicken. A game I am determined to help her win. We are calling OCD’s bluff, refusing to blink.


Her breathing starts to slow. Her fear starts to subside. She slowly picks the Clorox wipe up and rubs it on her cheek, letting out a nervous giggle. “This isn’t bothering me!” She exclaims.


Helping a child with OCD can seem counterintuitive. It can make a parent squirm. But it is, hands down, the number one most effective treatment for OCD.


Let me tell you why…press play below:

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