5 Things Every Child with OCD Should Know: Here is #3

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

Often kids and even parents are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to OCD. 

Five things every child should know if they struggle with OCD. Here is #3.


They’ll ask:

How can I make these thoughts go away?

I’m doing therapy, why are the thoughts still there?

How long does it take to make these thoughts or feelings leave?

These are the wrong questions. None of us have the power to stop intrusive thoughts or feelings. The only thing we have the power over is how we respond to these thoughts and feelings.

In part 3 of this 5 part YouTube series, I talk to kids about focusing on the right part of OCD, the compulsions. When we work on how we respond to the intrusive thoughts or feelings, we learn how to handle the discomfort those thoughts and feelings bring. When we handle discomfort, those thoughts/feelings eventually lose their hold on us.

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