5 Things Every Child with OCD Should Know: Here is #2

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

The reason why OCD is so hard to control is because kids (and parents) often do what feels intuitively right – they rationalize, problem-solve and feed OCD.

5 Thing every child with ocd should know. Here is number two

-If OCD says to be afraid of germs, then I’ll just make sure to stay clean.

-If OCD says I’m a bad person, then I’ll just mentally prove that I’m a good one.

-If OCD says that looks uneven, then I’ll just adjust it so it looks just right.

-If OCD says I need to do that so nothing bad happens, then I’ll just do it.

-If OCD says I might stop breathing, then I’ll just take deep breaths just to be sure.

The problem is these actions only serve to grow OCD. The more you approach OCD with rational problem-solving, the bigger it gets. You cannot bargain with OCD. You cannot appease OCD. You can not meet OCD’s demands and expect it to be satiated.

In part 2 of this 5 part YouTube series, I talk to kids about the best way to reduce these intrusive thoughts and feelings – which is to not engage at all. When we have OCD we give these thoughts and feelings over significance and value. The first step is to see it for what it actually is – annoying, unimportant noise. 

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