How to Help Your Child with Nightmares

If the brain can imagine it, nightmares can create it. That can be hard for a child whose brain is constantly coming up with the worst-case scenarios for every situation. And when a child with nightmares, especially an anxious child, has them often – they can start to fear sleep altogether.

Do you wonder how to help your child with nightmares? In this episode, I go into how to ease their mind before bed and how to teach them to reset.

So how do you help your child with nightmares? Well, we can’t control whether they have them or not, but we can stack the deck in their favor. We can also teach them what to do afterwards, so they can get themselves back to sleep more easily.


In this week’s AT Parenting Survival Podcast episode, I go into concrete tools you can use to ease your child into a relaxing sleep. I also go into how to teach kids to calm themselves and reset their brain after a bad dream.


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