The Lonely Journey of Parenting a Child with Anxiety or OCD

When I began my journey parenting kids with anxiety or OCD, it was a lonely experience – and I am an anxiety and OCD child therapist!


I felt my judgement was questioned.
I felt the diagnoses were questioned.
I felt like my parenting was questioned.


Raising a child with anxiety or OCD can feel like a lonely journey. You are not alone. We get you. We understand you. We see you.



I can only imagine how others without my expertise might feel.


I knew enough to trust my gut.
I knew enough to stand up and defend my children’s diagnoses.
I knew enough to understand that others weren’t going to get my kids or my parenting.

What about the sea of parents who don’t know enough? Who question their judgement? Who second guess the diagnosis? Who join the others and berate their own parenting?


This podcast episode is for you. I hear you. I see you. I understand you.


You are not alone.

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