Teach Kids with OCD and Anxiety: Change the Channel in your brain (and get relief)!

Do you know why child OCD and anxiety can be so hard to get rid of typically? Because most kids subscribe to the OCD and anxiety channel in their brain. It is playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can’t compete with that. A therapist can’t compete with that. Until your child learns how to change the channel in their brain or at least not subscribe to the OCD and anxiety network, little progress can be made.

Child OCD and anxiety is dominating your child’s thoughts. Let me teach them how to change the channel in their brain and get some control back.

So how do you get kids to change the channel? It is actually a hard skill for all of us, not just kids. But, it can be done! This week on Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition I am talking to kids about how to pay attention to what is playing in their head and how to have some say in the programming.

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If you are dealing with Child anxiety or OCD there is one lethal weapon you are up against….doubt. When you conquer doubt, you conquer anxiety and OCD.

Without fully understanding the core fear behind your child’s anxiety or OCD, you’ll never be able to fully help them. Let me teach you how to discover the core fear behind all the behavior.

Searching for ways to help kids with anxiety? Kids need to understand anxiety first. That’s why I created this YouTube video just for kids, to help them better understand child anxiety.