5 Things Every Child with OCD Should Know: Here is #5

This video is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the guidance of a qualified professional.

OCD is clever and can easily outsmart our kids by convincing them to do what feels intuitively right. If OCD says they should avoid, they avoid. If OCD says they should do something to make the discomfort go away, they do it. 

Five things every child should know if they struggle with OCD. Here is #5.

In part 5 of this 5 part YouTube series, I talk to kids about how listening to what OCD wants will always grow their struggles. We talk about what ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) therapy is and how it can help.

In this 5 part series, I’m taking your child through the 5 things every child with OCD should know. To watch #1-4 click below to watch the Youtube videos. Click here to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any upcoming YouTube series.

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