What to Do When Your Child Thinks OCD is Keeping Them Safe

I often hear, “I can’t do that exposure, OCD is keeping me safe!” Unfortunately when a child believes OCD is keeping them safe, it makes it almost impossible for them to agree to exposures.

Does your child think OCD is keeping them safe from danger, germs or moral calamities? This kids Youtube video will help kids see how OCD does not have their back.Does your child think that OCD is keeping them healthy, safe or morally sound. Does your child believe that if they go against OCD they are putting themselves in danger, putting you in danger, putting their health at risk or worse yet, their morality at risk?

The first step in helping a child with OCD is to get them to realize that OCD does not have their back. He is not their compadre, their soulmate, the one who is looking out for them when no one else can. No – he is an annoying disorder that does nothing but demands new compulsions and new avoidances.

This week I am trying to help kids see the forest from the trees. In my latest kids Youtube video I talk to kids directly about how OCD never has their best interest at heart.

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