The Biggest Lie Child OCD Tells Kids: You Can Stop Bad Things From Happening

Your child can’t wear certain clothes. They have to walk in certain patterns. They touch here. They touch there. All in an effort to ward off something bad from happening. Are they crazy? Psychotic? Absolutely not. They know these behaviors are irrational. They get that wearing a shirt isn’t going to ward off bad luck. And yet, they feel an intense urge to do it anyway. This is the trap child OCD sets for our kids. This is the prison our children live in.

Child OCD bullies our kids. Lies to them and tells them they have the power to stop bad things from happening. It holds them prisoner and hostage to OCD rituals. It is time to teach them how to fight back.

Magical thinking is a key component for many children with OCD. It tells them what to do and what not to do. It hijacks their lives and holds them hostage. It tells them they have the power to keep everyone safe. They have the power to put everyone at risk. It threatens and cajoles them.

It is time to empower our kids. Teach them to call OCD’s bluff and get their lives back.

This week on Ask the Child Therapist Kids Edition I was asked by a viewer to talk about magical thinking. This is a common issue and if your child is struggling with OCD, this might be their battle too.

In this week’s video I explain to kids what magical thinking is and how OCD uses it to bully them around. I work on empowering kids to fight back and not believe OCD’s lies.

I hope it helps your kids!

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