Child OCD & Anxiety: Helping Siblings Understand What is Happening

You are in the car trying to coax your child to go to school. You are in their bedroom trying to help them calm down. You are at the dinner table, negotiating what they will eat. All the while, little eyes watch from a distance. They watch as they are late to school. They listen as they wait for you to come into their room. They silently eat as all eyes are focused on the little mouth that refuses to eat. They quickly move out of the way, when angry, anxious fists come flying in their direction. Having a sibling with child OCD or anxiety can be overwhelming, confusing and scary.


Having a sibling with child OCD or anxiety can be overwhelming, stressful and scary. Here are some ways to help your other children cope with a sibling with childhood OCD or anxiety.

Child OCD and anxiety can suck the life right out of us. It can deplete us to such a degree that just surviving is sometimes a challenge. Sadly, we aren’t the only ones feeling this way. Our other little people feel a similar stress. They feel the same hopelessness. They walk on eggshells, just as much or even more than we do. There are ways to help them understand what is happening. Ways to reduce their stress. Let me show you how…

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