Harm OCD: What it is and How to Help Kids Who Have It. 

Your child is bombarded with “bad thoughts.” They are asking you bizarre questions that are stopping you dead in your tracks. What if I hurt myself? What if I hurt you? What if I set the house on fire? What if I jump in front of a train? What if I left a scratch on your car? They fill every conversation with apologies and more questions. They are consumed with worry. They don’t want to have these thoughts. They don’t want to hurt themselves or other people. But they can’t make these thoughts stop. These thoughts scare you. These thoughts scare them. Welcome to the world of Harm OCD. This OCD theme is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

Harm OCD can cause a child to worry they might hurt or harm themselves or those around them. Learn more about what Harm OCD is and how to help kids who have it.

This week on The AT Parenting Survival Podcast I explain exactly what Harm OCD is and how to help kids who have it. [As always, please note this is not medical advice and if you suspect your child has Harm OCD get them assessed by a mental health professional in your area. To find a provider in your area you can visit the International OCD Foundation’s provider database.]

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 Harm OCD can send parents running to professionals. Learn what it is and how you can help your children survive it.

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